Travel Bag

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Travel Bag
• 1-1/2" polypropylene webbing to bind all edges
• 1/4" closed cell high-density foam padding, two layers
• carrying handle
• Large (#10) YKK zipper
• 600 x 300 denier vinyl polyester material

General Care and Cleaning Guide

Step #1: Most common everyday light soiling can be easily removed by using a solution of 10% liquid household dish soap and 90% warm water, applied with a clean dampened cloth. Rinse with a clean cloth dampened with water and allow to dry. Moderate scrubbing with a soft bristle brush will help loosen dirt and grime embedded in the grain of the vinyl.

Step #2: For more stubborn stains and heavy soiling dampen a soft white cloth with Formula 409 r or Fantastik r. Rub gently and rinse with a soft cloth and clean water.

After cleaning please allow the bag to thoroughly dry inside and out before use.

This information is a guideline and not a guarantee and does not relieve the user from the responsibility of proper care, cleaning, and use of the Product and all cleaning agents. The use of certain cleaning agents, including but not limited to powdered abrasives, solvents, industrial strength cleaners and power washing is not recommended and can be harmful to the surface appearance and the lifespan of the Product.